What are Rabbits?

Rabbits may appear to be cuddly and cute, but don't be fooled! Rabits are actually very dangerous, and are on a secret mission to destroy all children.

Dangers to Watch Out For

Line of Sight

Rabbits often appear to be paying no attention to humans. In this photograph these rabbits appear to be facing each other. Don't let rabbits fool you! Their eyes are placed on the side of their head, meaning these rabbits are looking straight at you, ready to attack!

Sharp Teeth

Rabbits have dangerously sharp teeth. Just look at the rabbits in this video murder and rip apart this defenceless carrot! Even scarier, as the video shows, they can attack in packs. Truly shocking.

The Sounds of Terror!

If you have ever heard the terrifying sound of a rabbit tearing, er... grass and lettuce to shreads, I feel truly sorry for you. If you haven't, you can hear the sound below. Be warned, it is very loud and scary!