Mr L's Projects


Use the mouse for menu selections.

Move the paddle left and right with the arrow keys (or WASD).

Hit space to toggle the pause menu during gameplay.

Console Commands:

Press the "~" key (under the escape button) to access the console.

You can use the commands below to "mod" the game. Defaults are listed.

change numBubbles 30

change popSize 25

change startBubbleArea 200

change popBubbleArea 3200

change bubbleSpeed 0.2

change bubbleSets 3

change gameTime 30


set linearCoefficient 3

set quadraticCoefficient 1

set exponentialBase 2

set squareRootMultiplier 5

set reciprocalDividend 15

set sineMultipliers 45 12

(de)activate rounding

(de)activate darkTheme