Mr L's Projects

Trigonometry Golf

Are you ready for a challenge? Lets play a game of mini-golf. You will hit the ball by entering a direction and a distance. There are 6 holes to complete. Click anywhere on the screen to bring up some hints!

To start with, try a few games in beginner mode. Click on this link to open the game.

Note:You will notice that the angles used in the game match up with the unit circle. (See picture). The game is in degrees by default, but radians may be selected from the pause menu (escape).

Unit Circle

Estimation Golf

OK, it's time to take the answers away and do some estimation! Press escape to activate the pause menu. Select 'Change Game Type', then select 'Estimation'. Good luck.

Pythagorean Golf

Once you have played a few games of estimation golf, go to the menu (escape) and try the 'Pythagoras' game type. Click where you want to hit the ball and you will be given the x distance and y distance. You can use the Pythagorean theorem to work out the distance needed to hit the ball. Feel free to use a calculator to help you as the numbers will get quite large for long hits!

Watch the video if you need a reminder on how to use the Pythagorean theorem. If you would like more help, click here.

Trigonometry Golf

In the 'Trigonometry golf' game mode, you will need to use trigonometry to work out the angle. I would recommend using a piece of paper and calculator. Click where you want to hit the ball and you will be given the sides of the triangle. Try to calculate the angle, and make sure it is in the correct mode for your game (degrees/radians).

This may help get you started.


OK, it's time to use everything you have learnt and try the challenge mode!

You will only be given the x distance and y distance for each hit, and you will have to use trigonometry and the Pythagorean theorem to work out your hits. Good luck!

Unit Circle Golf

This mode will introduce you to the unit circle. See if you can use the hint information provided to calculate the required angles and distances.

Hint: In the unit circle, the sin of the central angle is equal to the y axis and the cosine is equal to the x axis. Use your common sense, as each angle could represent two possibe directions.

A Puzzling Problem

If you played the unit circle game mode, you probably saw that the length of the longest axis (x or y) of your triangle is given in the hints. This is shown instead of the shortest side as there is usually more space to display it clearly.

Click around the screen and notice how the values change. Can you see any problems with this? Does it give you enough accuracy? Why is this the case? How could you fix the problem in the game?